Join Us One Week From Today!


A teaser on a blogsite is like a little taste or morsel of a meal to come. Consider this Teaser #2…

Beginning next Wednesday, Sept. 7th, we invite you to join us for a new blog series:


A Journey Into Christian Discipleship: Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life.

Over a thirty-six week period (September 2016 through June 2017), we invite you to take a deeper look into twelve characteristics of a godly life. In other words, we’ll take a journey into the realm of Christ-centered discipleship. This blog series (published every Monday, Wednesday & Friday) is set up so you can work through our twelve discipleship themes as an individual or as a group, and as we see it, this will be a tool in helping you and others in your circle of influence to walk closer to the Master, embracing His call to contemplative activism. Each blog will include questions to ponder and discuss! Join us!  Click here for more info!

Here’s just a few more teasers (morsels) from our first installment of blog sessions…just to whet your appetite:

Throughout my 30 years in pastoral ministry, hardly a week will go by when I don’t find myself sitting with some well-meaning parishioner who is struggling with life and wanting so badly to get things back on track again. In almost every situation, the person I am with is a semi-regular attender on Sunday mornings, and rarely, if ever, attends any discipleship-building opportunities our church offers on a regular basis. So very often, as our little prayer time comes to an end, it’s so common to see the person open their eyes, and then with a very sheepish look on their face, say to me, “You know, pastor, I really need to get myself back to church more often!” I smile on the outside and say, “Yes, that would be nice.” But on the inside, my gut is yelling, “You dummy, this whole thing called Christianity is about Jesus and your on-going relationship with Him, not how many times you check your coat at the door of some stupid church building!”


As I see it, Jesus never forced people to believe something just because other people believed it. I think that’s why Jesus always invited people to simply come with Him and see. In my mind, He never thumped a Bible, never threatened folks with hell and damnation, and never insisted that people believe in something because religion told them to. He only used action words such as “Come,” “Follow,” and “See.”


It’s been my personal experience, over my 50+ years of following Jesus of Nazareth that He always starts and ends His conversations with me with the same line He used so effectively with His first-century followers…“Who do you say I am?” As one pastor once quipped to me, “You know, Marty, when Jesus asks you a question, it’s not as if He doesn’t already know the answer!” You see, when Christ asks us, “Who do you say I am,” it’s truly a gut-check, a reality test…a divine opportunity to reach deep down inside ourselves and tell the Master what we honestly feel at that given moment.


In all honesty, it really doesn’t matter, in the long run, how others around you answer Jesus’ question. (“Who do you say that I am?”) You see, at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters in your life, as it pertains to your spirituality, is who you say Jesus is…or is not! And it’s this point of your life today that really matters to God and to you.

Consider yourself teased! See ya next Wednesday, Sept 7th!

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