Supervision for Spiritual Direction

Community is not optional—it’s mandatory!

If you have been trained as a spiritual director, you know the importance of not trying to do this work alone. Just as it is for those of us who want to follow Jesus of Nazareth, so it is for Christ-centered spiritual directors: Community is not optional…it’s mandatory!

That’s why, here at The Contemplative Activist, we offer the work of supervision to those spiritual directors who are looking for Christ-centered, biblically-based support and encouragement for their practice in spiritual direction.

What exactly is supervision?

Maureen Conroy, author of Looking Into The Well: Supervision of Spiritual Directors, says this:

Supervision is the processing of the inner experiences of spiritual directors that are evoked during direction sessions in order to help a director grow in awareness of their reactions and responses, to allow a director to respond in a God-centered and interiorly free manner, and to maintain a contemplative focus.

If you are currently practicing spiritual direction and are looking for a supervisor, a spiritual companion coming alongside you in your work, please drop us a note. We have a wonderful supervision tool we call the Contemplative Reflection Form (CRF), developed by Sharon Wada, co-director of Sustainable Faith, as she was doing her Masters work in spiritual formation at San Francisco Theological Seminary. This CRF format, when used alongside gentle conversation can truly assist a director in becoming all God wants you to be as you practice this ancient discipline of spiritual direction.

Supervision Options


In Groups

We offer both individual one-hour sessions via online communications, or we are able to assist you in organizing and facilitating a highly successful peer-supervision group in your area.

Qualified Supervisors to walk with you

Are you interested in doing more reading on the subject of supervision?

Connect with a the Spiritual Director

We have a growing community of spiritual directors you can connect with and contact