Sooner or later we must distinguish between what we are not and what we are. We must accept the fact that we are not what we would like to be. We must cast off our false, exterior self like the cheap and showy garment that it is. We must find our real self, in all its elemental poverty, but also in its great and very simple dignity: created to be the child of God, and capable of loving with something of God’s own sincerity and His unselfishness.

Thomas Merton

In this 15-session blog series (taken from A Journey into 3-C Christian Discipleship), we invite you to know yourself better, introducing you to nine unique personality types, using an ancient tool called The Enneagram

It’s been my personal experience that as I have become much more aware of the uniqueness of my personality type (The Helper – Enneagram #2), I’ve been able to bring the good/the bad/and the ugly of my personality to Jesus, allowing Him and His empowering work of grace to lift me from practicing the very worst traits of the Enneagram #2 to what some Enneagram teachers call the redemptive, or mature characteristics of The Helper.

While it’s true that many people outside the Christian faith use the Enneagram to help them grow in this life, maturing their personality in positive ways, I’m personally convinced that the Enneagram and its benefits are best utilized when it’s practiced in the context of a larger Christ-centered, biblically-based approach to mature discipleship. That’s why I like to call the redemptive lift found within the Enneagram being Christ-actualized.

As I see it, it’s Jesus who becomes the real teacher when working with the Enneagram, inviting us to come alongside Him, maturing and growing under His tutelage and care. My mentor, John Wimber, used to pray it this way…

“Lord, help me to grow up before I grow old!”   

I hope and pray that the abbreviated material we give you here will assist you in that “growing up” in Christ we all want to see in this lifetime!

Below, you will find a complete list of all the posts (15 blogs) of this series. We suggest that you bookmark this home page for ease of use. Enjoy!

Each one of our blog studies can serve you well as a support piece in your devotional life with Jesus. As you’ll see when you open up one of our pages, each blog begins with a short scripture or reading, some thoughts to consider, and then concludes with a prayer and a question or two for you to ponder. Go slow. Walk at your own pace, inviting the Holy Spirit to join with you as you read and reflect.

Learning To Lean On Jesus Alone.  Romans 7: 14-25

Identifying & Embracing Who We Are-Part 1.  2nd Corinthians 12: 7-10  

Identifying & Embracing Who We Are-Part 2.  2nd Corinthians 10: 3-6

The Truth (About Myself) Can Set Me Free.  John 3: 31-32

The Enneagram: Understanding Myself 101. Psalm 139: 13-16

The Challenger: Enneagram #8.  Isaiah 30: 18

The Peacemaker. Enneagram #9. Ecclesiastes 11:6

The Reformer. Enneagram #1. James 1: 19-20

The Helper: Enneagram #2.  Jeremiah 31: 3

The Achiever: Enneagram #3. Ephesians 4: 15-16

The Individualist: Enneagram #4. Philippians 2: 3-4  

The Investigator. Enneagram #5. Philippians 2: 4-6 

The Loyalist. Enneagram #6.  2nd Timothy 1: 7

The Enthusiast. Enneagram #7.  Isaiah 55: 2 

A Christ-Centered Response to the Enneagram.  Matthew 11: 28-30

Below you’ll find five charts that offer an Enneagram overview, with additional resources as you continue your pursuit of self-awareness. Keep going!

Chart #1: Getting Started

Chart #2: The Triune Mind

Chart #3: Nine Unique Personalities

Chart #4: Putting It All Together

Chart #5: Jesus and the Enneagram

As you are learning to better care for your soul, we highly suggest that you also learn all the ancient spiritual disciplines

Centering Prayer

 Come to the Quiet

Lectio Divina

Listening deeply to the voice of God

Visio Divina

Experience God through all your senses

The Daily Examen

A Reorienting Rhythm for A Distracted Age

Welcoming Prayer

Centering Prayer in the Midst of Doing Real Life.