Tim Reist

With over 30 years of pastoral ministry, Tim finds deep joy in soul companioning people to experience and trust in the slow work of God in their lives.  To pay attention to the ways in which they are experiencing being God’s beloved.  He loves creating space for people to pay attention to the whispers and […]

Tarrance C. Floyd

Tarrance has served in Pastoral Ministry for 24 years, 20 as a Senior Pastor of a Church Plant. He and his wife Jacqueline, also a Sustainable Faith-trained spiritual director, have been married for 32 years and have two grown children Justine and Tarrance II, and two grandchildren, Roman and Eliana. Tarrance has led Marriage Groups […]

Mary Lynn Murtaugh

Mary Lynn’s life has been enriched by receiving Spiritual Direction and being a spiritual companion (director) to others on their personal journey. This simple practice of making space for God to be present in our everyday lives, to listen and co-discern where He is moving or inviting us to grow is truly sacred ground.  Mary […]

Rick McDaniel

Rick McDaniel

Being contemplative by nature, as well as gifted and experienced in pastoral leadership, Rick was drawn to the idea of spiritual direction.  After 20 years serving as a full time senior pastor as well as a church planter and the regional church planting coordinator for the NW Vineyard church movement, Rick was compelled to shift […]

Jim Leonard 

Jim worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators as a translator and administrator for 33 years before focusing his time on spiritual direction. After seeing a spiritual director regularly, he began experiencing a deepening sense of God’s loving presence in times of sitting alone with God in silence. In time began getting feedback from those around him […]

Leslie Leavenworth

Leslie is a practicing nurse, and visual artist. She believes there is both an art of healing and healing in art.  She offers a listening ear, an engaged spirit and an opportunity to explore together the rhythms and patterns of God’s working in the directee’s life. Leslie received her two-year certificate in spiritual direction from Sustainable […]

Laurie Jensen

Laurie’s life’s passion…Christian spiritual growth in a context of a down-to-earth conversation and listening which is grounded in the Bible and in the realities of life as it is. She loves to listen, accompanying others as they explore the possibility of God’s present work in their lives. Laurie has a certificate in Spiritual Formation with […]

Lesa Gardner

Lesa loves to support others who desire a more intimate relationship with God in the context of their everyday lives. It is a great privilege for her to listen attentively to individuals who are looking for the way forward on their spiritual path, and to help them become more aware of Christ’s loving invitations, especially […]

Jacqueline D. Floyd

Jacqueline has served in ministry alongside her husband of 31 years, Tarrance C. Floyd-Pastor since 2002, while working in their family construction business for 25 years.  Jacqueline’s personal experience with a dark night of the soul sent her on a journey seeking more. She awakened to her need for a deeper relationship with Jesus through […]

William (Bill) Daylong

Bill, a veteran of 42 years of pastoral ministry, has embraced his passion for ministry working alongside persons who seek through spiritual practices to open up to the God who has always been present in their lives. Bill integrates practices from his Native American and Celtic spiritual heritages to help seekers to slow down and […]