Sheri Daylong

Sheri Daylong

Sheri has accompanied people on the journey in life in the capacity of professional ministry for over forty years.  Through her ministry and her own personal call and walk in life, she has come to “know” that it is in the “practicing” of God’s presence that transformation happens.  Sheri’s offering of Spiritual Direction comes from […]

Maggie Davis

Maggie is a pastor and church planter who is learning to walk out trusting Jesus in all things. Her heart and desire is to help hold space for people so that they can experience the powerful presence of God and notice His movement in their life. Maggie received her two year certificate from Sustainable Faith […]

Carrie Copley

Carrie has a passion to help people live a life that is better than busy! She is passionate about coming alongside you as a listening companion, and to help you notice God’s presence and activity in your life. She is a certified life coach, speaker, and published author and is available for women’s retreats.  She […]

Sarah Cook

Sarah is passionate about coming alongside others as they journey with Jesus, and making space for them to see God’s presence in their own lives, whether on the mountaintop or in the valley.  Her desire is to create a safe atmosphere where others can slow down from the busy pace of life and have protected […]

Rachel Conner

Over the last 5 years Rachel has served The Sugar Land Vineyard as Executive Pastor while enjoying her great love of preaching and teaching. In 2012, she received her two-year certificate in Spiritual Direction from Sustainable Faith and upon completion has embarked on the journey of walking with others as they discern God’s movements in […]

Chandelle Claassen

Chandelle offers spiritual direction as a listening ministry where she protects and holds open space for people to explore interior movements or feelings as they interact with God in a conversational relationship. She is also a certified life coach, working with individuals in the areas of leadership and soul care. Chandelle is available for retreats […]

Nancy Booth

Nancy’s passion is to help you hear and respond to God in your life.  She loves creating safe spaces for you to hear and notice where God is at work.  As a spiritual companion (director) trained by Sustainable Faith and a member of ESDA, she supports you in your quest for a deeper relationship with God. She […]

Sandy Boller

Sandy has over 20 years of experience in pastoral ministry, and she loves to help women find God in the middle of their everyday lives. She carries a deep passion for encouraging people to discover creative ways in being present to the One who is always present to us, finding their unique voice along the […]

Marty Boller

Marty has been actively involved in pastoral ministry for 30+ years and now serves the larger body of Christ through our popular blog and website: The Contemplative Activist. Here, pastors and church leaders are encouraged to slow down, re-evaluate their work in ministry, and become, what we call, Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activists for the greater […]

Karen Bartlett

Through her years of ministry, Karen recognized a need to create space for people to hear God’s voice as they expressed doubts, concerns, or a longing for a deeper spiritual life. Her Master’s degree in social work and Master’s certificate in theology helps her understand spiritual formation and personal development as part of a holistic […]