Sheri Daylong

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sheri has accompanied people on the journey in life in the capacity of professional ministry for over forty years. Through her ministry and her own personal call and walk in life, she has come to “know” that it is in the “practicing” of God’s presence that transformation happens. Sheri’s offering of Spiritual Direction comes from a deep place of peace and inviting others into a safe space to discover for themselves their inner resources and the unique and unconditional love of God that will help them be free to fulfill a sense of meaning and purpose in their ordinary and everyday life. Sheri comes from a deep sense of valuing Celtic Spirituality and its’ invitation into the ordinary and sacred. She has completed the 2-Year Academy for Spiritual Formation, the 3-year Spiritual Direction Program at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in LaCrosse, WI. She is a trained director in the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius and values the work of persons through the Enneagram and the Rhythm and Motions of the Soul. Sheri is available via in person, Face Time, and Zoom.