Our Sustainable Faith Graduates

We have had the honor of training others in the fine art of spiritual direction since 2015. Over that time, we’ve now seen dozens of students blessed as they come together in training cohorts across the Heartland of America! Here are our Sustainable Faith cohorts over the past four years! Congrats to each grad!

2022-2023 School Year

On-Line #4 - Year Two Graduates – Michael Gatliff, Chris Clark, Linda Spence, Robin Klebba, Nozipho Khanda, Jacky Gatliff, Jill Fuller, Fran Lloyd, Patrice Gerideau
On-Line #5 - Year Two Graduates – Megan Wright, Pam Knudson, Rebecca Goldstone, Chad Pope, Steve Johnston, Emily Knurr, Jenavene Bazacas, Trish Johnson, Alice Brown-Collins
On-Line #6 - Year One Graduates – Josh Howard, Rebecca Steinbach, Suzanne Fisher, Phylicia Quick, Stacey Laho, Courtney Vercler, Bill Meyer, Jessica Daniel, Debbi Robertson
On-Line #7 - Year One Graduates – Mary Romac, Kathy Dowling, Dave Mace, Jennie Jackson, Carrie Platner, Pam Murowchick, Adrienne Payne, Ross Tuttle, Accalia Martinez, Christie Latta

2021-2022 School Year

On-Line #1 - Year Two Graduates – Karol Brecheisen, Tiffany Nevil, David Anderson, David Knaup, Marcia Kenny, Bill Van Wey, Tarrance Floyd
On-Line #2 - Year Two Graduates – Julie Hartzler, Karen Gleason, Barbara Boatner, Rebecca Minnette, Stan Hatzler, Cassie Chase
On-Line #3 - Year Two Graduates – Jen Kloss, Cathey Stott, Ellie Beatty, Emily Linhardt, Danna Cotten, Gary Green
On-Line #4 - Year One Graduates – Jill Fuller, Nozipho Khanda, Chris Clark, Michael Gatliff, Linda Spence, Robin Klebba, Patrice Gerideau, Jacky Gatliff, Fran Lloyd
On-Line #5 - Year One Graduates – Megan Wright, Pam Knudson, Rebecca Goldstone, Chad Pope, Emily Knurr, Trish Johnson, Jenavene Bazacas, Steve Johnston, Alice Brown-Collins, (not pictured) Allen Crum

2021 School Year

On-Line #3-Year One Graduates – Cathey Stott, Gary Green, Emily Linhardt, Jen Kloss, Ellie Beatty. (not pictured) Danna Cotten

2020-2021 School Year

(our first year for all-module On-Line cohorts!)

On-Line Year Two Graduates – Maggie Davis, Sallie Gaye Landis, Melanie Reed, Mary Navatril, Kathy Knight, Carrie Copley, Katie Helgeson, and Keri Navratil
On-Line #1 Year One Cohort – Bill Van Wey, Tarrance Floyd, David Anderson, Karol Brecheisen, Tiffany Nevil, Marcia Kenny, and David Knaup
On-Line #2 Year One Cohort – Karen Gleason, Julie Hartzler, Bret Stahley, Rebecca Minnette, Barbara Boatner, Cassie Chase, Stan Hartzler, Roger Andruss

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2019-2020 School Year

(our Module 5 cohorts were on Zoom due to COVID-19)​
Ames – Year One: Melynda Van Zee, Keri Navratil, Mary Navratil, Deb Polk, Kathy Knight, Maggie Davis, Melanie Brown, Carrie Copley, Katie Helgeson, and Sallie Gaye Landis.
Boise – Year Two: Kayla Molner, Valerie Reddix, Bill Miller, Gene Auker, April Auker, Margery Gonzales, and Carol Weaver. (not pictured) Pam Burkett.
Milwaukee – Year Two: Susan Mayer, Mary Lynn Murtaugh, Adrienne Langlois, Eli Riddle, Dave Anderson, Mitch Lueck, and Janelle Hoekman-Stanelle.

2018-2019 School Year

Minneapolis Year Two Cohort: Katie Lafky, Dan Kuehl, Gay Narron, Tammy Morton, Sandy Hagen, Judy Grose, Kim Geraty.
Boise Year Two Cohort: Kristi Roeder, Mary Arritola, Jeff Edmiston, Cynthia Boline, Janie Glover, Karen Wardwell, Marty Mayo, Amber Gunstream, Trina Riley.
Boise Year One Cohort: April Auker, Gene Auker, Carol Weaver, Margery Gonzales, Kayla Molner, Michelle Robinson. (not pictured) Pam Burkett, Valerie Reddix.
Wichita Year Two Cohort: Tim Loftin, Annjanette Nickel, Elaine Jelinek, Kevin Larson, Jacqueline Floyd, Lesa Gardner, co-trainer Chandelle Claassen, Jake Smith, Leah Rose, Russ Claassen.
Milwaukee Year One Cohort: Mitch Lueck, Dave Anderson, Susan Mayer, Adrienne Langlois, Victor Bennett, Mary Lynn Murtaugh, Janelle Hoekman-Stanelle. (not pictured) Eli Riddle, Patrick Schultz.

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2017-2018 School Year

Kansas City Year Two Cohort: Audrey Shaneyfelt, Dori Brown, Erica Wheeler, Dinah Fox, Mel Bockelman, Diane Marpe, Phil Maslin, Lisa Van Allen
Boise Year One Cohort: Kristi Roeder, Melody Paris, Janie Glover, Bill Miller, Cynthia Boline, Jeff Edmiston, Karen Wardwell, Trina Riley, Rachelle Shimondle, Amber Gunstream, Mary Arritola, Marty Mayo
Minneapolis Year One Cohort: Sandy Hagen, Katie Lafky, Dan Kuehl, Gay Narron, Kim Geraty
Wichita Year One Cohort: Lee Mellinger, Annjanette Nickel, Kevin Larson, Leah Rose, Elaine Jelinek, Jake Smith, Russ Claassen, Christine Schmitt, Lesa Gardner, Jacqueline Floyd

2016-2017 School Year

Central Iowa Year Two Cohort: Leslie Leavenworth, Melissa Scarrow, Karen Kerns, Bill Daylong, Ann Donat, Rod Dugan.
Kansas City Year Two Cohort: Karen Bartlett, Sarah Cook, Diane Warner, Jennie Altstadt, Chandelle Claassen, Barb Toft.
Milwaukee Year Two Cohort: Adam Arn, Jo Ellen Gray, Susan Root, Jim Leonard, Laurie Jensen, Suzanne Larson, Nancy Booth, Anne Kent, Rebecca Anderson, Lisa Mulcahy.
Peoria Year Two Cohort: Melissa Anderson, Dan Wolf, Marty Hunt, Shelley Bauer, Brandi Benjamin, Nancy Hays, Tim Reist (trainer), Eric Potter. (not pictured) Dustin Hite
Kansas City Year One Cohort: Diane Marpe, Jamie Specht, Lisa Van Allen, Audrey Shaneyfelt, Mel Bockelman, Phil Maslin, Chandelle Claassen, Dori Brown. (not pictured) Dinah Fox, Erica Wheeler

2015-2016 School Year

Central Iowa Year One Cohort: Laurie Jensen, Karen Kerns, Melissa Scarrow, Ann Donat, Lori Adams, Karen Kennedy, Ryan Larson, Chad Britten, Melinda Engelmann, Josh Miller, Leslie Leavenworth, Bill Daylong.
Kansas City Year One Cohort: Jennie Altstadt, Sarah Cook, Dianne Warner, Chandelle Claassen, Karen Bartlett, Rod Dugan, Barb Toft, Tim Specht.
Milwaukee Year One Cohort: Anne Kent, Brittney Ciciora, Adam Arn, Jim Leonard, Rebecca Anderson, Suzanne Larson, Nancy Booth, Lisa Mulcahy, Susan Root. (not pictured) Jo Ellen Gray
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