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From 3-B to 3-C Contemplative Activism

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Marty & Sandy Boller.

After 30-plus years in pastoral ministry, we’ve come to the realization that for much of our three decades of serving Jesus, we have been addicted to the 3-B’s, measuring our ‘success’ or ‘failure’ in ministry using three key components of American church-growth:




in the offering


in the seat

Marty and Sandy - Contemplative Activism
Marty & Sandy Boller

Sadly, there are still many today who labor under this westernized 3-B approach to corporate church life, where bigger is always better, and if your church isn’t growing numerically, something must certainly be wrong.

As we see it, there is a reformation afoot.

A quiet fire of the Holy Spirit that is touching many across the fruited plain of North America.

Many pastors, church leaders, and lay people alike are deciding to stop-look-and-listen to the invitation of Jesus, stepping beyond the 3-B’s and finding a simpler, and more sustainable, way to measure ‘success’ in church life.

Through the help of some powerful tools of spiritual formation, and the inner freedom found by working alongside Christ-centered spiritual directors, we now consider ourselves to be “recovering” 3-B pastors on our way to becoming 3-C contemplative activists, measuring our ‘success’ today by simply adapting our lives around three ancient spiritual disciplines, all defined by Jesus of Nazareth in Matthew’s gospel.

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