Responding to Jesus’ Invitation to

3-C Contemplative Activism

Communion + Community + Commission

Jesus-centered 3-C Contemplative Activism



with Christ



with others



into the world

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Ferdinand Foch

Our Heartbeat

We not only TRAIN & EQUIP spiritual directors,
we NETWORK & ENCOURAGE them to succeed.

Communion with Christ

Introducing you to Spirit-indwelled formational tools designed specifically to help you care for your soul by slowing down, going a bit deeper within, and finding your truest self while re-discovering your great worth and goodness in Jesus of Nazareth.

Community with others

 Introducing you to our growing network of well-trained, Christ-centered spiritual companions (directors) who will come alongside you, encouraging you as we, together, continue our shared journey with Jesus.

Commission into the world

Introducing you to amazing training opportunities to become better equipped as you come alongside others, caring for souls, while operating out of your deepest longings and God-breathed truest self.

Marty and Sandy - Contemplative Activism

Meet Marty & Sandy Boller

Recovering 3-B pastors on our way to becoming Christ-centered 3-C contemplative activists.

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