God Becomes Human.


“The Government upon the shoulders of a Child” Christmas 1940

An excerpt from: Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. “God Is In the Manger.” Westminster John Knox Press, 2010.

God becomes human, really human. While we endeavor to grow out of our humanity, to leave our human nature behind us, God becomes human, and we must recognize that God wants us also to become human—really human.

Whereas we distinguish between the godly and the godless, the good and the evil, the noble and the common, God loves real human beings without distinction….

God takes the side of real human beings and the real world against all their accusers….

But it’s not enough to say that God takes care of human beings. This sentence rests on something infinitely deeper and more impenetrable, namely, that in the conception and birth of Jesus Christ, God took on humanity in bodily fashion.

God raised his love for human beings above every reproach of falsehood and doubt and uncertainty by himself entering into the life of human beings as a human being, by bodily taking upon himself and bearing the nature, essence, guilt, and suffering of human beings.

Out of love for human beings, God becomes a human being. He does not seek out the most perfect human being in order to unite with that person. Rather, he takes on human nature as it is.

This is about the birth of a child, not of the astonishing work of a strong man, not of the bold discovery of a wise man, not of the pious work of a saint.

It really is beyond all our understanding: the birth of a child shall bring about the great change, shall bring to all mankind salvation and deliverance.

sandy Sandy Boller is a wife, mom and grandma who cherishes her time with family. She loves to find space and a place in her life to engage with God utilizing some of the spiritual disciplines that have given her freedom to draw ever closer to Jesus. Give her a lake with a dose of fresh air, pull up a bench and she will meditate to her heart’s content. Give her music, a book, a sewing machine, some sketch paper and pens and she will find contentment and fun! And most of all, bring family and friends around her and she will feel complete.

Her goal is to live life on purpose with Jesus lighting and leading the way. She desires to live each day on purpose, finding God in the middle of everyday by living wide-eyed in wonder and belief (Luke 11:34 MsgB), finding ways to be present to the One who is always present to us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sandy & Marty Boller

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